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"We have no time to spend the knee, but he has clearly said that he doesn't want to finish the contract time." Rooney said in an interview, "This is natural to be good news, he is not like this year. The upcoming player. We will find a correct time to handle the contract, he can have this kind of consideration to make us very happy. I hope we can bring a few rings for him. "

Vlaco original salary of 20.25 million US dollars, not an attractive figure for the team. He last season because the neck injury is absent in the last 8 games, the previous performance is not satisfactory, and the passing of 1822 yards, reaching 6 times, being copied 8 times.

The main priority of the steel man should also be to run Wei Zevon-Bell (Veon Bell), Bell is about to be free players in March. Although both parties have a continued intention, Rooney does not understand whether it will use the team privilege label for Bell.

After the Drew Lock, the Draco is played, and it is grabbed. When the team was discussed, when the team was quarter, the coach Vic Fangio did not even mention Flaco, and I didn't know if it was intentionally.

A few days ago, the media said that the Brown team is in contacting the free player Galret Hartley, Zach Hock (Zach Hocker) and Nate Freese. But the head coach Mike Pettine told the reporter team on Thursday, will continue to put the Convened. Chris Tabor, Brian Teemor, said that Kandi, cheap jerseys showed a high level in this week's training, which made him satisfied.

This transaction also means that the ram will allow Trumaine Johnson, which is about to become free players. The introduction of Pites ensures that the ram defensive group can still retain excellent players.

Pitas is one of the best horns in the League. He selected the best lineup in 2016 and won the best defensive new show in 2015. Just 3 seasons have achieved 10 copying. Since he entered the Alliance in 2015, there has been no players or the number of times of destroying the ball (55). Calculate the playoffs, Pites got 21 copies. In the past 25 years, only Ed Reed has been more than him more than him in the 3 seasons before his career.

Ramsse has been the elite level of angular guards since the entry alliance. In the past three seasons, he has issued all 48 regular sessions for the US Tiger, a total of 193 hugs, 9 copies and 44 times of destruction. In the 2017 season, Ramse was selected for a while, and the 2017, the 2017 season was selected for professional bowl.

Brown team does not plan to replace any ball shooter Convev
The Cleveland Brown team player Billy Cundiff has been encountered in the near future. He has already lost any free kick within 45 yards in the recent 5 game, and the outside world is widely speculated in the team. There are not many days.

Bill O'Brien (BRIEN) talked from the team website to the champion of this draft in May, "will do he should do this week, but in his opinion, all of Tennessee Titan's work will be seen in the game. Claien suffered a half-montht-torn while the victory in the Houston season, and did surgery in the last month, followed.

Brown went to the Indianapolis horse at 24:25 last week, which may have some relationship with Convened 40 yards in the upper half. This season, Kandie 29 shot 22 times, but because his range is too limited, the team has to adjust tactics in some time.

The status of Crawni sounds no problem on the Sunday game, but it is not a good sign to Titan's rookie four-point guards, which will be Zach in cheap nfl jerseys. A starting competition and also hopped with the horrible star defensive end JJ Watt.

Jaguchi Executive Corner Wiramsse Fifth Year Contract Options
Beijing April 26, although Jalen Ramsey, Jalen Ramsey did not participate in the lunar training activities, but this did not hinder the team to perform his contract options.

The details of the transaction have not been disclosed. The ram has given the second round of draft selection rights this year to Buffalo Bore in the trading of Sammy Watkins. This transaction will be officially effective at the beginning of the year on March 14th.

In less than a month ago, the chief received the Washington red leather young corner Washington (Kendall Fuller) in the trading of four-point guardian Alex Smith. In addition, they have recently signed the old David Amerson. These actions may make the chief believe that although the position of the angular guards may fall but Pites can be discarded.

Although the performance is excellent in performance, it is reported that the chief is dissatisfied with his other performances. Last season Pites threw the referee Huangqi in the competition of the New York jet and left the court without being expelled, he was therefore banned by the chief.

Crawnica has a wealth of Tennessee
In the last round, his body is still not enough health, so absent the night game of the Pittsburgh's steel man on Monday, but his coach said the Houstown Trin State people Judevie - Crawni ( "Jadeon Clowney)" The State is good, preparing for the Sunday game ".